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NEVERWONDER: Now Recording
Posted October 23, 2015
NEVERWONDER profile image
NEVERWONDER is back in the recording studio! New music, new photos, and new fun coming soon! Get in on all the action - here and on social media:

Updated March 31, 2015

NEVERWONDER on D.C. Coast to Coast with D.C. HathawayNEVERWONDER interviews with host D.C. Hathaway as D.C. Coast To Coast's INDEPENDENT ARTIST OF THE WEEK. D.C. says, "Let me say again what a pleasure it was interviewing you. We had some fun!"

NEVERWONDER Interview with Sweden's Robex Lundgren
Posted January 21, 2015

NEVERWONDER Interview with Robex Lundgren in Sweden Here's NEVERWONDER's latest interview with Robex Lundgren out of Sweden!

Read it at Robex Lundgren Musik Blogg.

NEVERWONDER on Germany's "Night Flight" Show
Posted January 21, 2015

NEVERWONDER on 'Night Flight' radio show on Universal Radio Listen for NEVERWONDER playing on "Night Flight" radio show on Universal Radio.

The next show airs Friday, January 23, from 1-3pm Pacific Time (10p-12am Germany/GMT +1).

Use this link to tune in to the radio stream.

NEVERWONDER on Rock Radio UK's "Spins From The Bins"
Posted November 26, 2014

NEVERWONDER on Rock Radio UK Listen for NEVERWONDER playing on "Spins From The Bins" radio show with Tony Corner on Rock Radio UK, Wednesday, November 26. The fun starts at 6pm UK time, 1pm US Eastern / 10am US Pacific. Go to and the TuneIn Radio application will let you listen online.

Revised January 21, 2015 - Posted March 03, 2013

NEVERWONDER Radio AirplayCheck this list of growing radio locations where you can tune in and hear NEVERWONDER music playing.

D.C. Coast To Coast on USA FM. Listen at

Earbits Radio. Listen at

Musically Yours FM - Canada. Listen at

Rock Thiz Magazine (RTM) Radio Network - Sacramento, CA. Listen at

Aswesome Radio. Listen at

Indie Showcase . Listen at

HotMix106 - Sacramento, CA. Listen at

Rip 97.9 FM - Windham, New York
Spinning NEVERWONDER on WRIP 97.9 FM's Local Licks Radio Program Tuesday night 02/19 from 6-9PM. Tune in live on the web at

ROCKWiRED.COM Radio Show "Tuning In / Tuning On"
NEVERWONDER'S song "HELP ME" featured on ROCKWiRED.COM'S weekly free form radio show. Tune in here.

NEVERWONDER "Stays" on KLOS 95.5 FM Radio
Posted October 17, 2014

NEVERWONDER on KLOS 95.5 FM After being featured on KLOS 95.5 FM radio's Heidi & Frank Show - Stay Or Go segment, listeners overwhelmingly voted for NEVERWONDER to stay!

See the details of the "Stay or Go" segment by clicking here.

NEVERWONDER's Last Summer Residence Performance at AnQi
Posted August 25, 2014

NEVERWONDER Signs Summer Residence Deal with AnQi Here are your last two chances of the summer to catch NEVERWONDER at AnQui Gourmet Bistro at South Coast Plaza. The band's final two of their wildly popular summer residence performances are this Friday, August 29, and Friday, September 5, both with two big shows at 8 and 10 p.m.

See Show / Tour Dates info at right for more details →

NEVERWONDER on Cover of Live2Play Magazine
Posted July 26, 2014

Live2Play Network - NEVERWONDER Featurette NEVERWONDER makes the cover of Live2Play Network's June Issue and includes the band's Artist Profile article on page 3.

NEVERWONDER's Vincent Ramos Makes "Aces of Bass" List
Posted June 25, 2014

Aces of Bass - Rockwired Magazine Vincent Ramos of NEVERWONDER made Rockwired Magazine's "Aces of Bass" list showcasing "25 Bassist Who Are Keeping Independent Rock Sounding Tight!" The June issue is now available!
Click here to listen to an interview with Vince as well as NEVERWONDER's song "Help Me." »

NEVERWONDER Update: More Music, New Video, More Press
April 05, 2014

NEVERWONDER'S newest CD, "Really Let It Out", continues to get great response! Press coverage, CD sales, and music downloads are coming in, going out, and being heard from around the world! After the first single, "Help Me", took off everywhere, the band released the second and third singles from the CD, "Spinning" and "Enough". They too, have proven very popular, so the fourth single is now headed out - the rock/funk/groove song, "Let it Out". NEVERWONDER is very proud of the CD and the songs and can't wait until everybody has heard them.

NEVERWONDER is putting together their first music video... coming soon... please stand by.

Along with all the crazy great things for "Really Let It Out", NEVERWONDER has written four new songs and is in the beginning stages of writing more for the next full length CD. Look for the band to go into the recording studio towards the end of the year.

Here's some of the latest and greatest news and press:

Music Connection Magazine HOT 100 NEVERWONDER voted to Music Connection's 2013's HOT 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands.

"MC's annual, eagerly awaited Hot 100 list spotlights the live performers who made us sit up and take notice in 2012"

Music Connection Magazine Music Connection Magazine (Oct. 2013) - LIVE REVIEW - NEVERWONDER at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club - Universal City, CA

"...their strength resides in a special blend of rock and soul." [PDF - 1MB]

Women Who Rock - Rockwired Magazine Rockwired Magazine (Apr. 2014) - "Women Who Rock - 25 Women Who Are Cranking Up The Volume" Special Feature!

NEVERWONDER's Alima Soul is honored in this special feature 14-page photo spread that includes special interview audio.

See the Special Feature here »

Listen to the interview here [MP3 | 21 MB] »

XOMBIEWOOF Magazine XOMBIEWOOF Magazine(Feb. 21, 2014) - NEVERWONDER In Top 100 for 2013
Selected "Top 100 Hot Artist For 2013" (Music Connection Magazine)
Read more here »

Vents Magazine American Live Wire (Jan. 27, 2014) - 3 quick questions with Alima Soul
Alima Soul is perhaps best known as the lead singer for the L.A.-based band Neverwonder which also includes Scott Ramsay (guitar and backing vocals), Vincent Ramos (bass and backing vocals) and Andres Ramos (drums, percussion and backing vocals).
Read more here »

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine - NEVERWONDER Really Let It Out CD ReviewRock N Roll Industries Magazine (Nov. 2013)
"The instrumentation behind the vocals is excellent and could easily stand on its own without lyrics." [PDF - 317K]

The Pulse Magazine - NEVERWONDER FeaturetteThe Pulse Magazine
January 2014 Issue
[PDF - 515K]

Live2Play Network - NEVERWONDER FeaturetteLive2Play Network (Mar. 25, 2014)
"With a new lead singer in Alima Soul, Neverwonder is taking on music venues in southern California with its CD, 'Really Let it Out.'"

2013 LA Music Critic Award Nominations Announced - (Dec. 27, 2013)
2013 LA Music Critic Award Nominations Announced; NEVERWONDER nominated for "Best CD Group."

National Rock Review National Rock Review (Nov. 19, 2013)
Concert Review - NEVERWONDER at Rock 'n' Roll Marathon - Las Vegas on Nov. 17, 2013.
Read more here »

National Rock Review Rock Over America (Nov. 18, 2013)
Concert Review - NEVERWONDER at Rock 'n' Roll Marathon - Las Vegas on Nov. 17, 2013.

"Neverwonder delivers a strong, solid song with an honest, home-grown humanity and passion without glitz or grits." Read more here »

Valley Scene Magazine - NEVERWONDER FeatureValley Scene Magazine (Dec. 27, 2013)
NEVERWONDER featured in MUSIC section article.

Screamer Magazine Screamer Magazine (Dec. 23, 2013) - NEVERWONDER Cap Momentous 2013 With 'Hot 100' Selection By Music Connection. Read more here »

Vents Magazine Vents Magazine (Dec. 23, 2013) - NEVERWONDER Cap Momentous 2013 With " Hot 100" Selection By Music Connection.
Read more here »

Music News Los Angeles - NEVERWONDER Music News Los Angeles (Dec. 24, 2013)
NEVERWONDER Cap Momentous 2013 With " Hot 100" Selection By Music Connection. Read more here »

ToddStar Photography (Dec. 23, 2013) - NEVERWONDER Cap Momentous 2013 With " Hot 100" Selection By Music Connection.
Read more here »

NEVERWONDER Interviews - Audio/Video
Posted November 26, 2013

The Buzz - Buzzworthy Radio The Buzz - Buzzworthy Radio - Buzzcast - Interview article and audio. "L.A. rock band NEVERWONDER takes their blend of hard rock, R&B, and soul into new heights." 27 OCT 2013.
Read more, listen here »

National Rock Review National Rock Review - Interview article and audio. "Their natural chemistry evokes the creation of impressionable songs and unforgettable performances." 22 OCT 2013.
Read more, listen here »

NEVERWONDER Press to Impress
Revised November 26, 2013 - Posted September 16, 2013

All*Access Magazine All*Access Magazine - "Neverwonder, the band out of Los Angeles, CA, has taken hard rock, mixed it with R&B and soul, and has created an EP that has it all." Read more here »

Vents Magazine Vents Magazine - Interview article gets answers to questions like, "What's the story behind the bands name?" and "'Really Let it Out.' What was the recording and writing process?"
Read more here » - "NEVERWONDER bring their unique modern rock sound to the Tap House in Huntington Beach, competing in the second round of the $10K Battle of the Bands, Thur, Sept. 19." Read more here »

KNRNFM INTERNET RADIO KNRNFM INTERNET RADIO - "NEVERWONDER Performed tracks from the newly released EP titled 'Really Let it out.' The songs and the presence the band showed made you wish the show would not end." Read more here »

Rockwired MagazineRockwired Magazine Rockwired Magazine likes "Really Let It Out" enough to publish a full-page advertisement for NEVERWONDER's new E.P. in their July 2013 issue.
See it here »

More "Really Let It Out" Reviews
Revised September 16, 2013 - Posted June 13, 2013
NEVERWONDER'S latest CD, Really Let It Out, received these latest reviews: - NEVERWONDER Really Let It Out CD
"Some bands don't let the music flow and breath.No such thing here, more like a breath of fresh air!" - Kenneth R. Stringer

Xombiewoof Magazine - NEVERWONDER Really Let It Out CD ReviewXombiewoof Magazine
"The band excels in the soulfulness in which they play. They have a rich texture, a very gritty, not over-mixed, not over-sampled; it is just musicians playing music and the singer doing what she does best - belting out the lyrics with raw energy, full of life." - Joseph Timmons

Rock Thiz Magazine - NEVERWONDER Really Let It Out CD ReviewRock Thiz Magazine
"This trio sets the stage for vocalist Alima Soul... and let me tell you... you better faster your seatbelts!!" [PDF - 165K]

100% ROCK MAGAZINE - NEVERWONDER Really Let It Out CD Review100% Rock Magazine
"Boasting an eclectic range of influences from Foo Fighters to Soundgarden to Mary J Blige and Pink, NEVERWONDER deliver their latest EP as a showcase for new singer Alima Soul."

Examiner - NEVERWONDER Really Let It Out CD - Brian Campbell
" intriguing five song set that features new lead singer Alima Soul, who is easily the star of this compact show."

[This review also published at Get eXposed! Music and]

Really Let It Out - Album by NEVERWONDER

Really Let It Out - $9 + FREE SHIPPING!

NEVERWONDER Interviews - Audio/Video
Revised September 26, 2013 - Posted March 29, 2013

LA Radio Sessions - LA Radio Studios - NEVERWONDER InterviewLA Radio Sessions - LA Radio Studios
Host Mike Stark welcomes NEVERWONDER for a performance and interview from 7-8p Pacific.
SEP 24 & 25, 2013. *Direct MP3 link

The 'IN' Show - NEVERWONDER Video InterviewThe "IN" Show - "IN" Studio with...NEVERWONDER
Video interview with host Gus Summers
APR 12, 2013.

Behind The Mic Radio - NEVERWONDER Audio InterviewBehind The Mic Radio with...NEVERWONDER
Audio interview with host Dawn Mac
APR 02, 2013.

ActorsE Chat - NEVERWONDER Video InterviewActors Entertainment ActorsE Chat with NEVERWONDER
Video interview with host Brenda Epperson - MAR 08, 2013.

Indie Mad MP3 Radio - NEVERWONDER Audio InterviewIndie Mad MP3 Radio "On The Record" with NEVERWONDER
Audio interview with Black Hat Ron on MAR 16 & 24, 2013.

April 27, 2014

NEVERWONDER is on IMDB NEVERWONDER now has an entry with IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) for its participation in the Actors Entertainment ActorsE Chat with host Brenda Epperson on March 08, 2013.

Shows / Tour Dates
NOV 11 2017 Saturday 9:00 pm
Hard Hat Bar & Lounge
1675 Industrial Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102

21 & over.
NOV 12 2017 Sun. 4:30 pm
Rock 'n' Roll Marathon - Las Vegas

FREE Show! All ages welcome. NEVERWONDER on the course on Stage 4 at Colorado and 4th.
More info »
Rock 'n' Roll Marathon - Las Vegas 2017
MORE -- Coming Soon
Let us know where you'd like to see us next! Tell us on Facebook.
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Really Let It Out
NEVERWONDER's newest CD is 5 songs featuring Alima and the boys. more »

Available for discount purchase at shows for $7 or order online for $9 + FREE SHIPPING.

Really Let It Out - Album by NEVERWONDER

Really Let It Out - $9 + FREE SHIPPING!


NEVERWONDER Music Available for Download on iTunes

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