October 1, 2012
NEVERWONDER: Andres Ramos, Scott Ramsay, Alima Soul, Vincent RamosOut of their home base in Los Angeles, NEVERWONDER came into existence with a unique sound of rock, pop, and soul fusion. Their music is driven by their strong musicianship and rooted from lifeís experiences. The band has hit the stages of venues, such as House of Blues (LA/OC), Roxy, Key Club, Viper Room, Galaxy Theater and The Coach House, and has been featured on KLOS 95.5 FM radio. They have also been a dynamic act in the Rock and Roll Marathon series. Currently, NEVERWONDER endorses Carvin amps & guitars and Vestal watches.

Fronting NEVERWONDER is the soul singer Alima. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, Alima's vocal style blends soulful nuances with an urban edge. As a singer/songwriter, she conveys her passion and emotions through her songs, lyrics, and performances. With the right timing and the right people, she was lead into her next musical journey. The partnership with Alima and these talented musicians has ignited a different spark in her, allowing her to break boundaries and inspire undefined music from the soul.

The pulse and backbone of NEVERWONDER are Andres & Vincent Ramos. These two talented brothers have been the strong foundation of the band and also have backed artists all over the Los Angeles area. Their combination of creativity and entrepreneurship helped establish the band NEVERWONDER.

NEVERWONDER's guitarist is Scott Ramsay, a Scottish native that has several tours and commercials under his belt.

It was within the 6 degrees of separation that Scott, Dre and Vincent ended up crossing paths to lead them where there are today.

With the addition of Alima, the bandís creative synergy has been an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Their natural chemistry evokes the creation of impressionable songs and unforgettable performances. NEVERWONDER is excited for what lies ahead. The next album is on the horizon and NEVERWONDER will continue to produce lasting music for the die-hard fans and the new ones gained along the way.

Alima Soul - New Lead Singer for NEVERWONDER
October 1, 2012
Dynamic singer and songwriter Alima Soul began her career in California's culture-rich San Francisco Bay Area where, at an early age, she found a passion for performance. Encouraged to nurture her raw talent, she began writing songs and playing the piano.

What developed was a fresh singer with a rich, sultry voice that conjures up the soulful nuances of Whitney Houston and the urban edge of Mary J. Blige. Alima has cultivated a style that is singular and completely her own.

With humble beginnings performing at weddings, benefits and talent shows, Alima was quickly recognized as a young artist to look out for, and she was destined to advance in her craft.

She outgrew the Bay Area and decided to make the leap across the country to New York City. There, Alima found many doors opening to her. The open mic scene was not only an opportunity for her to gain exposure and more stage experience but it also kept her surrounded by many talented artists. Alima performed with bands throughout Manhattan, and collaborated with many established and upcoming producers on her solo project.

It was during her time in New York and as part of a huge artist community that Alima fine-tuned her skills playing the piano and creating her own songs and lyrics.

Nourished by the experiences of the Big Apple, Alima then relocated to Southern California where she met with Andres Ramos, Vincent Ramos, and Scott Ramsay of NEVERWONDER. The chemistry was instant, and the fusion of Alima's soulfulness and the rock/funk vibe of NEVERWONDER, brilliant. And it was here that Alima found her place as the lead singer of one of Southern California's most progressive and dynamic bands, blending a full range of styles to create a unique sound that is at once unexpected, innovative and harmonious. She looks forward to hitting the stages with her new band mates and connecting with the NEVERWONDER fanbase and beyond.

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